Freitag, 8. Februar 2013

Small changes

This blog will not be updated anymore, until further notice.

I thank you for your visit! But, as it happens, I sew, but don't think it important anymore to present it here.
For practical reasons (minimizing chaos and increasing efficiency) I will reorganize my blogging process.

KMG Photography is the blog where I will post my photos, and dogs will be a big part of it, of course, since the dog photography will now be shown there.

Karo's Köstlichkeiten will be my private blog, where I will ramble about mostly food and maybe other joys of life. This one will be only german.

Thus I invite you to check out both blogs, and if you like, follow it, too.
Many regards,


Eigentlich werden nur die Fotos auf eine andere Adresse verschoben.
Ich habe viel zu viele Blogs, die zwar meine ganzen Interessen vertreten, mich aber in einem unendlichen Chaos zurücklassen.
Ich habe mich entschieden die Blogs auszudünnen und zusammenzufassen. Daher wird es zwei Blogs geben.
 Einen für Privates (u.a. Food), einen für Fotografie. Und die Hundefotografie fällt - ja - auch unter Fotografie.

Daher bitte ich euch einfach fortan unter KMG Photography vorbeizuschauen, als Tag wird dort mit dogdiaries das Thema Hunde umfassend weitergeführt.

In diesem Sinne, hoffe ich euch bald auf KMG Photography oder auf Karo's Köstlichkeiten begrüßen zu dürfen!

Eure Karo

Donnerstag, 16. August 2012

Fabric organization & craft room inspiration

I'm not really excited about the moment I have to pack my fabrics.
Let me tell you, it's a mess. I will brace myself and make some pictures, before, during and after, hopefully. It really is something, you know. I have tons of fabric, scraps and materials and I have tried many times now, to make a proper destash. But, as I started my business lately, I had to break it off, because I can't use many of the fabrics I already own, for doggie-stuff.

But once again, a possibility shows: I'm moving into a house with a room big enough to make it a craft room.
As I wonder about the colour style and try to arrange it with 3D planning software, I ACTUALLY got the idea to browse for other craftroom-styles. Hooray! :D

I'm in love with this room! I've been a sucker for black furniture as long as I remember. Currently I'm on a path of white, shabby inspired stuff, but I'm thinking a looot about this black or nut-brown accents.

I also like the letters in matching colour. Oh, and here's a report about the process.

This is also a very, very practical and cheap way to store fabric. Look it up here.

Neat, too. But my fabrics mostly are 2m+

Put it in boxes! Well, I did that already with other stuff, and in retrospect, it's not my thing.

 You can always go for the big Expedit from Ikea and try something like this?

Except for the fabric simply stashed, I'd go for the rest. Very well done, and including the first two links, this will effect my style, too.

Neat and cozy.

Yeah, nightmare come true. (Not my room, but my nightmare :D)
At least, I have to give him/her credit for the woodworking skills.

Rolled fabric looks great, too!

LOVE this color combo somehow. I have already red accents in my room, and it seems I will also stay with a blue color-scheme in the craft room. So a style like this would be fitting without spending too much money. The idea with the ironing board is making me ....facepalm. Why didn't I think of that before!?

Big fan of neutrals, too.

Lovely green-tint.
Lovely purism. And great idea for fabrics in small pieces.
Birds? You can ALWAYS get me with birds. First thing I see.

And naturals/botanicals.

Love the shelving.
 Blue and neutrals? Win!


Oh, my god. I think, this is it. White stays white. Red things (good motivator!), and blue. Yess.

Many pictures found here and here.
And another post here.